Meeting Vice-President Ana Helena Chacón

Casa Naranja op bezoek bij Vicepresident Ana Helena Chacón

Last Monday, the 6th of April the Casa Naranja Foundation had the honor of meeting the Vice President of Costa Rica: Ana Helena Chacón. This meeting took place to discuss the future plans of the Casa Naranja Foundation and the potential help of the Costa Rican government within these long-term plans. Ana Helena Chacón is Vice […]

Interview on Costa Rican television


The Casa Naranja Foundation was on national Costa Rican television on April 9th 2015 at 6PM local time. The news item on Channel 7 was about Casa Naranja, the orphanage Casa de Pan and showed some short interviews. For those who missed it or want to watch it again, here is the link to the […]

Meeting the Maleku


  In northwestern Costa Rica lives an indigenous tribe called Maleku. This tribe consists of about 600 tribesmen divided into 3 groups called palenques. In early july Casa Naranja was able to meet and learn from the population of the palenque, “Sol”. The population has a piece of land in Costa Rica, that is exempt […]

New project in Talamanca


  Here is a brief look at a new project that we started in Talamanca, a canton in the province of Limón. At about an hour away from coastal town of Puerto Viejo, we arrived in Sibujo, a small jungle village. Here we were instantly greeted by locals, teachers from surrounding schools and schoolchildren. After […]

Jessy in San José


Hello everyone! We have another nice story to share from our time in Central America. After a brief visit to the Caribbean coastal town of Puerto Viejo, we came into contact with Jessy Chick, an emerging and highly talented soul singer from the region. She wanted badly to come perform for the children of Casa […]

Sponsored by The Bosbeek School!


  On April 25, 2014, the children of the Bosbeek School in North Santpoort, Netherlands will participate in a race for the Casa Naranja Foundation! In October and November 2013, Miss Trisha’s group 5 traveled to Costa Rica to volunteer at an elementary school to make sure they got the help that was desperately needed. […]

Plants for the Garden


Garden in Tibás Hi everyone! We have been very productive in recent days. Together with the children and other volunteers from all over Europe, we have worked very hard to get the garden as far as possible. The fence is up to protect the children playing soccer, and the garden has finally been organizes with […]